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Cultural Representations of Glasgow & its East End

A key idea underpinning Representing Dennistoun is that narratives of place are cultural assets providing...

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Alexandra Park Festival 21st June 2014

  The Representing Dennistoun team were part of the Alexandra Park festival on the 21st...

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A new arts centre for Merthyr

I went to the opening of Redhouse this weekend in Merthyr town centre. Formerly the derelict and boarded...

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A note on standpoint, A vote of thanks

One important accomplishment that I am happy to report is the fact that as a...

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thoughts on the gaps

In conversation silence can be seen as a gap. Gaps inevitably have the capacity to...

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The People’s Platform: knowledge exchange through theatre

Representing Communities is drawing to a close and here in the North Merthyr case study...

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Outside of the frames we make

This research has led me to see the value of dominoes to many Caribbean people....

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Creative and Participatory Methods

In Representing North Merthyr we have been using a range of creative and participatory methods...

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Thoughts on play: a blog reflecting on the Connected Communities funded Games for All day at Unity Hubb, Ward End, Birmingham

What games did you play when you were growing up? Hop-scotch? Marbles? Skipping? Operation? Monopoly?...

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Creative Spaces: Playing with the Lens

  photo by: Hadyn Lassiter “Representation is always already inadequate to the real that it...

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Tolerant Nation?: revisting ethnic diversity in a devolved Wales – evening seminar, 22 October 2015


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There is more to Butetown that meets the eye

We have been thinking a lot about Butetown. Here are some of our initial thoughts...

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Connected Communities Festival 2015 – Dennistoun

The Dennistoun Connected Communities Festival involved a group of over-65s from a local sheltered housing...

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A Tolerant Nation? Revisiting Ethnic Diversity in a Devolved Wales: The launch of the book, the (re) setting of the agenda

      When we started this project we explained very clearly the two-faced nature...

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Reflections on… Butetown Carnival 2014: Re-presentation, Community and Belonging

I have not felt anything quite like this before. I have been looking forward to...

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