Adeola Dewis takes up her post as Research Fellow


Adeola Dewis is a Visual Artist and Research Fellow at the University of South Wales. Adeola holds a President’s Award scholarship for PhD research at Cardiff University, Wales and has received several grants from the Arts Council of Wales to develop and realize collaborative arts projects. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Adeola has an interest in folk and indigenous cultural performances involving aspects of re-presentation through masking and/or performance. She is particularly interested in the performance aesthetics of the Trinidad Carnival and the potential ways in which an interpretation of this and other manifestations of emancipatory performances, can be relevant to our approach to art-making or art presentations with individuals or groups who may be experiencing forms of social anxiety.

This examination of the ways in which these performances can be interpreted within art-making and/or presentation, is geared towards empowering ‘displaced’ peoples and generating access to a form of experience traditionally associated with facilitating visibility, giving voice and integrating art-forms (music, dance, visual arts). Adeola’s work highlights her interest in performances of transformation and in exploring ways of re-presenting self.

Currently, Adeola is experimenting with the vast language of Carnival performance aesthetics to begin particular engagements with the Butetown Community in Cardiff, South Wales. This new work aims to explore some of the ways in which creative arts can positively impact on perceptions of wellbeing. This work will have a particular focus on first generation Caribbean migrants associated with Butetown, facilitating ideas of community re-presentation.