Representing Communities…Developing the creative power of people to improve health and wellbeing

Explores how community representations produced through creative arts practices can be used as forms of evidence or knowledge to inform health-related policy and service development as well as social action.

Official representations of places with poor health are partial, usually negative and top-down. Participatory Creative arts can provide a co-produced space to illuminate the everyday contexts through which people strive to maintain good health and wellbeing. They can also give a voice to those who have been silenced.

North Merthyr, Wales (Post-industrial) Butetown, Cardiff, Wales (African-Caribbean Diaspora) Hodge Hill, Birmingham, England (Pakistani-Asian Diaspora) Dennistoun, Glasgow, Scotland (Inner-city) Cromarty, the Black Isle peninsula, Scotland (Deep rural)

Representing Communities


locations Dennistoun Butetown Cromarty Hodge Hill Merthyr
Representing Communities

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